Yaqeen Capital Company announces the Offering Price Range for Meyar Company in the Saudi Exchange’s Parallel Market (“Nomu”) and commencement of Qualified Investors Book-Building.

2023-03-16 15:50:20

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Announcement Detail Yaqeen Capital Company in its capacity as the Financial Advisor and Lead Manager on the potential offering of Meyar Company (the “Company” or “Meyar”) announces on behalf of Meyar the offering price range and commencement of the Qualified Investors Book-Building Period as per the following details: • The Offering price range has been set at SAR (53- 59) per share (the “Price Range”). • The Offering is comprised of (265,400) ordinary shares representing 20% of the total capital of the company after the increase (the “Offer Shares”) which represents 25% of the total capital of the company before the increase. • The number of Offer Shares that will be allocated to Qualified Investors is (265,400) Shares, representing 100% of the total number of Offer Shares. • Each Qualified Investor who subscribes for the Offer Shares must apply for a minimum of (10) Offer Shares and a maximum of (66,340) Offer Shares. • Bidding and book-building period for Qualified Investors: starts on 19 March 2023G and ends on 23 March 2023G. • For more information and for the prospectus [in Arabic], please visit the Capital Market Authority website: https://cma.org.sa/Market/Prospectuses/Documents/mayar_ar.pdf