General Meetings


General Meeting (GM) is a formal meeting conducted by listed companies at which major decisions are tabled that require shareholder approval. Companies also uses these meetings to present the company’s performance throughout the previous financial period and respond to shareholder questions.

To ensure your GM is managed in a professional manner, “Edaa” facilitates its “GM Management Service” through which votes can be counted and seamlessly combined during the meeting period as well as at the GM venue and validating the identity of eligible shareholders. It’s allowing senior management to focus on running a successful meeting and not worry about administrative and logistical activities.

These meetings can involve burdensome administrative responsibilities and activities such as: validating the identity of eligible shareholders, printing of voting cards, vote collection and counting, results presentation, etc.




Shareholders have the opportunity to exercise their voting rights without attending personally at the General Meeting (GM). Giving shareholders the opportunity to express their opinion on a variety of important issues (agendas items) concerning their company’s performance and future direction is an integral component of quality corporate governance.

The e-Voting service is provided as free of charge to listed companies, REITs, and CEF to increases shareholders’ participation in GMs and assists in attaining the minimum quorum levels required to conduct the GM in accordance to the relevant rules and regulations. This service increases the opportunity of conducting the GM as originally intended and avoiding postponement along with the important decisions that require approval at the GM.

“Edaa” e-Voting Service provides issuers with an integrated and efficient GM tool, covering the entire value-chain process. It facilitates seamless uploading of a comprehensive GM agenda, ensured shareholder notification, cumulative voting, voter monitoring, remote-vote casting, real-time vote collation, vote result analytics, etc.

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