Dealing Restriction

All Issuers are obligated under current legislation to disclose their financial statements on a quarterly basis. Company's board of directors, senior executives, associates and family members are restricted from trading in their company shares prior to the time of publishing interim and final company financial reports (restriction periods).

“Edaa's” Dealing Restriction Service is an effective tool to safeguard executives from accidentally breaching the current legislation which might consequently result in penalties, reputation losses, and other potential subsequent sanctions that could negatively impact executives as well as the listed company they represent. Dealing restriction will be enforced systematically by “Edaa” based on issuer’s request and their pre-requisite corporate calendar. Subsequently, companies’ board of directors, senior executives, associates and family members will be precluded from conducting any trading activities during these specific trade restriction periods. This proprietary service will reflect positively on the enhanced compliance practices and awareness by the issuer and provides an effective tool to strengthen the compliance and control policies of the listed company.

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