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Independent Custody Service

CMA approved Independent Custody Model which improves settlement efficiency and reduces settlement risk for domestic, regional institutional investors, and Qualified Foreign Investors (QFIs).

What is an independent custodian?

An independent custodian is a member of Edaa who has the capabilities to safe-keep and manage investor assets. The custodian acts as the investor’s settlement and asset servicing agent in the Saudi capital market and is responsible for supporting and managing pre- and post- trade activities.

Custodian services

A custodian is appointed by the investor (custodian client) to undertake services which include but are not limited to:

  • Settlement
  • Securities Safekeeping
  • Corporate Action processing
  • Cash Management
  • Securities Lending and Borrowing and Reportin


  • Provides an additional layer of protection over investor assets
  • Increases investor control
  • Reduces settlement risk
  • Segregates administrative roles between custodian and brokerage
  • Unbundles brokerage and custodian services
  • Aligned with International Best Practice


Service Fees (SAR) Frequency
Independent Custody 1bps of average monthly holding; Maximum of SAR 250,000 per annum Per NIN
Interested in our Independent Custody Service?
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