Listed Issuer Services

Edaa provides advanced post-trade services, building bridges between issuers and investors, and ensuring the safe, speedy and efficient operations of the Saudi capital market. We provide numerous services to support companies listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange. 

These proprietary services benefit from the advanced electronic registry and custody platforms used to maintain shareholders’ records of listed companies in the Saudi capital market.

General Meetings Management

Seamlessly count and combine votes and validate the identities of eligible shareholders.


The day-to-day administration of registrar operations and associated corporate actions.

Dividends Distribution

The distribution of dividends on your behalf, through our Paying Agent service.


An interactive solution for issuers to maintain communication with their shareholders.

Dealing Restriction

An enhanced compliance tool to preclude company boards and other involved parties from trading during restricted periods.

Share Fractional Sale

Pooling fractional shares into a center account where they can be sold in the market.